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Chisago County
Historical Society
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The Chisago Heritage Journal Collection:
Starting in the summer of 1982 the historical society began publishing its own periodical. The variety of articles ranged from internal society business, inquiries for genealogic assistance, to feature articles about restorations, people, places, and events. The articles not only chronical the history of Chisago County, but that of the historical society itself as it grew and expanded its scope within the community.

The complete 30-year series of the Chisago Heritage Journal is now available in PDF format on DVD. And extensive index is included on the disc. The entire collection can be key-word searched and printed when using Adobe Reader.
Complete series on DVD:
Heritage DVD-1, 1982 - 2011
(106 issues, 1,352 pages)
Chisago County Plat Book and Directory - 1888 and 1914
Publishers: C. M. Foote & Co. -- Webb Publishing Co.

This DVD includes both original Chisago County Plat Books. These have been professionally scanned and processed. The color map images are provided in three resolutions; 400, 300, and 200 dpi JPG format. The patron directories are included in PDF format which allows you to quickly search for landowner names using Adobe Reader. Zoom in to see the finest details of these hand drawn historic maps. Print the pages in full color on your printer.
A History of Chisago County -- 1851 - 2001
by Lloyd Hackl, Robert Porter, and Leilani Freeman

This out-of-print book was created for the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Chisago County, Minnesota. It focuses upon the history of the settlement of the county and reveals the importance of the river, rails, and roads in determining where people settled. Both historical data and anecdotal materials are presented by individual memoirs, letters, and documents. The book is comprised of three sections. Within the first section, part one looks at the St. Croix River as the first highway for settlers into the county. Part two describes the impact of the railroad which began its influence by 1870. Part three explores the effect on population growth of World War II and the completion of Interstate 35 in 1969. Section two covers the ten townships and the smaller communities. Section III is a collection of materials that are relevant to an understanding of the county's history.
Book 1 - surnames A to D
Book 2 - surnames E to H
Book 3 - surnames I to L
Book 4 - surnames M to O
Book 5 - surnames P to R
Book 6 - surnames S to T
Book 7 - surnames U to Z

All names - surnames A to Z
The People of Chisago County -- 19th Century
by Earl W Leaf of New London, MN

This is 7-volume work is a cummulation of decades of dedicated research by the author. Leaf researched a good share of the early migrants and immigrants of all ethnic backgrounds who came to Chisago County. The information presented includes bio-sketches of families gleaned from federal and state census records, birth, marriage, and death certificates, probate records and newspaper articles found in the regional newspapers. Addition research was done in Sweden and helped establish the origin of many families who came to settle within the county. This 7-book set is fully indexed, including military service information (Civil War, WWI, WWII, and other conflicts). You will find additional lists of married couples, domestics, hired men, boarders, known cemetery burials, as well as references to the two county poor farms.
[15-Mb pdf]
[12-Mb pdf]
[7.5-Mb pdf]
[7.5-Mb pdf]
[6.9-Mb pdf]
[8.3-Mb pdf]
[4.8-Mb pdf]

[61.0-Mb pdf]
This DVD contains all seven books, 1,800+ pages, in
searchable PDF format. You can review the index
of each book by using the links found to the left.
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County Plat Books on DVD:
Chisago County Maps DVD-5, 1888 & 1914
A History of Chisago County on DVD:
Digital Book on DVD-2, searchable PDF format
The People of Chisago County - 19th Century
Digital Book on DVD-3, searchable PDF format
Three Historic Broadsheet Newsprint Collections:
This collection represents 40 years of promotional newsprint
[1969 ~ 2008] : The Dalles Visitor
[1974 ~ 1979] : The Chisago Pioneer
[1993 ~ 1996] : Medborgaren II

This DVD includes our entire collection of three broad-sheet visitors guides that were published to encourage tourism and provide indepth historical information regarding early families who settled in the St. Croix River Valley area.

Historical Visitors Guides on DVD:
Medborgaren II, Chisago Pioneer, and the Dalles Visitor DVD-6,